We replaced an existing back boiler and fire (open vented heating system) with a new Worcester Bosch combination boiler (sealed system) 

The old back boiler and hot water cylinder were removed, and a new combination boiler was installed in the bathroom airing cupboard 

We converted the heating system pipework from a one pipe system to a two pipe system, which in turn will work more efficiently. 

We replaceradiators and installed new thermostatic radiator valves and lock shields on each.   

A new 28mm copper Gas Supply pipe from the existing meter to new boiler was installed and tested.  

The system was left in a good working order, and the customer was left happy.  



Gas fire removal by Lincoln Gas Swindon

Gas fire and back boiler removed from lounge


Old boiler replaced with Worcester Bosch boiler

Cylinder removed and new Worcester Bosch Combi installed.


Cleaned the system filter – image shows the magnetic debris that has collected on the filter and then after it has been cleaned off.

System Filter Clean Before and After

Cleaned the system filter – image shows before and after photos.